Beter Bed Holding


Fair communications

Important: Impact 4 - Relevance 3

Customer confidence is crucial for Beter Bed Holding’s reputation and right to exist. Beter Bed sets great store by honest communication in sales processes. Highly motivated and trained staff provide expert advice. Customers also greatly appreciate the image of the stores, the price/quality ratio, the service and guarantees.


The dialogue with stakeholders shows that stakeholders attach great value to honest communications. Beter Bed Holding reports on the aspect of 'Fair communications' as a combination of the GRI aspects:

  • Product & Service labelling;

  • Marketing & Communication;

  • Customer privacy.

Product and Service Labeling.

Type of product and service information required by the organisation’s procedures for product and service information and labeling, and percentage of significant product and service categories subject to such information requirements.

Not reported.

Product and service information and labeling.

Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning product and service information and labeling, by type of outcomes.

Not reported.

Customer satisfaction.

Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction.

The results of the 2014 quality of service test resulted in a rating of the service of Matratzen Concord among German consumers at 1.9 (GUT). This biennial test is due to be conducted again by consumer testing agency Tüv Saarland in 2016. Since mid-2014, customer satisfaction is measured on the basis of the Net Promoter Score, as part of which customers are asked to rate the service provided by Beter Bed. They are also invited to state their opinions in brief reviews. Beter Bed again managed to maintain the high level of its services in the Netherlands in 2014; more than 95% of ‘first time right’ deliveries were made, i.e. deliveries were complete and to customers’ full satisfaction on the first attempt. The formulas of Beter Bed Holding have a telephone service desk where customers can ask questions and submit complaints. Customers of the Beter Bed formula can also publish their comments on Facebook.

Banned or disputed products.

Sale of banned or disputed products.

Not applicable.

Non-compliance with regulations concerning marketing communications

Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes concerning marketing communications, including advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, by type of outcomes.

Not reported.

Complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy.

Total number of substantiated complaints regarding breaches of customer privacy and losses of customer data.

0 (None).

Beter Bed Holding does not provide confidential information about its customers to third parties without the customer’s permission.

Customer Health & Safety