Beter Bed Holding


Training & Education

Important: Impact 4 - Relevance 3

The company’s success depends to a large extent on the commitment and quality of its employees. The company’s employees are its calling card. They ensure honest services and a pleasant shopping environment. High-quality personal advice is a decisive factor for the level of revenue in each of Beter Bed Holding’s retail formulas. To safeguard staff quality, evaluation and performance interviews take place every year.

Average hours of training per year per employee.

Subdivided by gender and by employee category.

Training and education are provided on a systematic basis; in 2014, ‘on the job’ training with electronic support (e-learning and e-training) was introduced in the Netherlands for staff in the stores and in logistics.

Skills management & lifelong learning.

Programs for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings.

Employee training is a high priority at Beter Bed Holding. The Beter Bed Academy was accordingly developed in 2010, in collaboration with the NCOI and the National Consortium for Business Groups (NCvB). In 2014 the e-learning programme was added to this.

Performance & career development.

Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, subdivided by gender and by employee category.


All employees undergo annual evaluation and performance interviews. These are important occasions for establishing whether for instance the working conditions are structured correctly, whether the employee is satisfied and what possibilities exist for their development and improvement.

Occupational Health & Safety