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Crucial: Impact 4 - Relevance 4

The dialogue with stakeholders has shown that Beter Bed Holding is expected to have (and provide) insight into the origins (and the environmental impact) of raw materials and products and semi-manufactured products used by suppliers. In addition to the standard requirement of signing of the code of conduct by all suppliers, it is necessary to consider how Beter Bed Holding can take on a pro-active role to ensure that materials used by suppliers meet the applicable requirements from a CSR perspective as well. The available options for Beter Bed Holding to increase its role in the various production chains will be reviewed in 2015.

Beter Bed Holding is engaged in talks with suppliers to jointly increase the share of environmentally friendly alternatives, where possible. Starting in 2015, Beter Bed Holding and a number of strategic partners will launch initiatives for the development in due course of 100% recyclable mattresses, as a step on the way to the ultimate solution of a cradle-to-cradle mattress.

Materials used.

Materials used by weight or volume.

Not reported.

Percentage recycled input materials.

Percentage of materials used that are recycled input materials.

A slight increase of the percentage of recycled waste was achieved, but the target (75%) does not appear to be attainable in the near term without targeted action by the waste-processing industry.

Procurement Practices