Beter Bed Holding


Economic Performance

Important: Impact 4 - Relevance 3

Beter Bed Holding sets store by reporting on CSR in an economic context. This choice is reflected by the inclusion of CSR reporting in the Annual Report. CSR is an important pillar of strategic business management, in which the interests of people, planet and profit should mutually reinforce each other in the long term. The main CSR topics are also included as standard in the key figures.

Direct economic value generated and distributed.

Basic components: revenues, operating costs, employee wages and benefits, payments to providers of capital, payments to government, community investments, economic value retained.

The Key figures are stated in the Annual Report. The Financial Statements provide a detailed description of economic performance.

Financial implications climate change.

Financial implications and other risks and opportunities for the organisation’s activities due to climate change.

Not reported.

Coverage defined benefit plan.

Coverage of the organisation’s defined benefit plan obligations.

The pension benefits are described in the subsection determination of the result in the Annual Report. Subsection 10 Current obligations states the following:
The other liabilities include a pension liability for a former employee of € 1.4 million (2013: € 1.3 million), calculated on an actuarial basis.

Financial assistance received from government.

Not reported.

Ethics & Integrity

Market Presence